Blank Canvas

The Blank Canvas Conundrum!

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Do you know what I have hardest time with? A blank canvas!

That canvas could be the need of card, mixed media project, journal page, painting, drawing, or an altered art piece. As is the case with many of us, being an artist is not my full time job. I, like many of us work outside of the home in order to provide for my family and keep myself fully stocked with art supplies! Because of this, the time I get to spend in my art studio is rare and I become completely overwhelmed with a yearning to do ART! While away from my art studio, the ideas flow with the vengeance of a Florida summer thunderstorm, but the very moment I enter my studio with all of these ideas, I am punched in heart with such a fear that I can barely take a breath! What is this fear?

This fear, mostly, has to do with the notion that I am not good enough! But we aren’t supposed to compare ourselves to others, are we? We all do it though and often times it becomes so debilitating that we simply don’t do anything – I don’t do anything but sit in my studio surrounded by shelves of supplies just waiting, no — taunting me to use them in some fun artsy project! So what do you do in these traumatizing situations?

Ok, so traumatizing might be a weee bit dramatic but I use the word to emphasize the point that as artists, we all experience these moments and we can do some things to move out of the moment or several moments if that happens to be the case.

5 Easy Tips to Squash the Blank Canvas Blue’s

Step 1: decide what project you want to work on.

If you’re anything like me, I have several different ideas floating around in my head at any given time. This in it and of itself causes me problems but deciding on the project is half the battle.

Step 2: get out supplies that could be used in your project.

Even if I don’t use the supplies I’ve piled up on my desk, for me, having them out often inspires some creative mojo and things start to happen.

Step 3: pick the focal point.

No matter the project, it needs a focal point. I will rummage through all the supplies I’ve piled up on my desk and pull out a couple possibilities. Choosing one provides additional inspiration.

Step 4: pick a color pallet.

Colored Pencils_iStock_000090819725_Large

Now that a project and focal point  have been chosen, choosing a color pallet should be an easy process though I am often challenged in this as well. If so, I have a go-to favorite color pallet that saves me every time!



Step 5: